“EPro8 have given us the opportunity to explore Engineering this year. Here’s what Room 7 learned, created and shared during this experience. It was so interesting, fun and challenging. We recommend every school try this learning experience.”


Tamaki Cluster Touch Tournament 2022

What an amazing day for all of our students. Daniel has written a recount about his experience during this Tournament:

“Tamaki Cluster Touch Tournament 2022

On the 2nd of November, Room 7 and Room 8 walked out of our school to represent our school in the Tamaki Cluster Touch Tournament. Most of the Tamaki Cluster Primary Schools were there, like Panmure Bridge and Tamaki Primary were there.

All of our four teams were so excited. Our coach was my friend’s dad. Our first game started against Panmure District School. We lost 4-0 but our coach trained us some more. Our second game was against Stonefields School. 9-0 to Stonefields. We were disappointed that we lost 2 in a row. Our coach said it was all right. Then our next game was against the school that my mum teaches: Glenbrae. They beat us 6-0. We were starting to get more disappointed. Our last game was against Glen Innes. They beat us, 6-0. We had a fifth game for the bottom teams to face. It was Glenbrae. They barely beat us 4-1.

We were not that sad that we scored a try. The Room 8 girls, however, made it but sadly lost in the finals. We were so happy. It was our best performance in 3 years. We went home happy and proud that we represented our school. Next time we will win!” – DanielR

Here are a few videos from various games taken that day: