Making Mitey

Have you ever tried to create a Mitey Balloon Dog? Room 7 will show you step by step how to create Mitey!!


28 thoughts on “Making Mitey

  1. Hi Room 7, this movie is amazing! Keep up the good work, Room 7. Though I am happy we presented the recreated one.

  2. Hey Room 7, It’s Nino from Room 8. I found your movie very entertaining, I might try making a Mitey Balloon at home. The classic end credits at the end of your movie are very cool. Keep up with the Good Work!

  3. Morena Rm 1 your movie was delightful. I liked your ideas of how to make your towers stable. I’m impressed with how you explain your ideas when you have finished .
    Kind Regards Theo

      1. Dear Rm 7 your movie was very lovely I like the way that you twisted the balloons this movie was very funny at the same time
        It makes me laugh every time I watch it

        Kind regards Theo

  4. Kia O Ra room 7
    Its me Marii
    I thought your film was really great especially when seeing you all learning how to make balloon dog.I remember last year when I made a balloon do, it was so much fun.I can not wait to see another amazing film from you guys.

    Kind Regards:Marii

  5. Talofa lava Room 7, I enjoyed your movie, it was amazing and fabulous to watch, I can finally make a Mitey balloon dog thanks to you. Keep up the good work.
    Regards Graziel.

  6. Hello Room 7,
    I was sure elated since I never made a Mitey balloon ball! I am interested how you say facts like Saint Patrick’s School is one of the schools that started using Mitey. We have enjoyed our Mitey lessons this year too. I would really enjoy to watch more of your movies!
    Regards, Jaeden

  7. Malolelei Talofa, Kamusta,Kia Ora Room 7
    I always wondered how to make a mighty balloon dog all of your mighty balloon dogs were so awesome and amazing.

  8. Malo lelei Room 7. I really liked all of the Mitey balloon dogs you made since they was all different colors and very effective. I loved watching this since now I learned how to make a mitey balloon dog.

    From Olivia.

  9. Hello room 7 , This is Sione I loved the way you guys were learning about Mitey and I wish I could make one just like yours. Maybe when I go to Room 7. I loved your movie because it was inspiring me to work harder in my Mitey.

    love Sione

  10. Good morning Room 7, this is Cosma
    I really liked your video that was about how to make a Mitey balloon dog.
    It also reminds me about how we used to make Mitey balloon dogs last year. Mitey is a great programme where we learn about how to overcome problems.

  11. Talofa lava room 7 this is Nixcent in room 6. I love all the balloons that you guys made as a dog. I have always wanted to learn how to make a balloon dog. I am impressed at how you guys tied up the sides. This reminds me of my dad making me a balloon dog when I was a little boy. I just want to know how long did it take for you guys to make the balloon dogs?

  12. Kia Ora Room 7,
    Your Mainakalani film was awesome because I love the Mitey balloon dog because it was very creative and represents the Mitey programme we all follow. I would love to try that inside my home, keep up the good work.

    From Zenalia

  13. Malo lelei Room 7. This is Tuakalau from Room 6.
    I loved your movie Making Mitey. balloons. I really love that you children were taught to make a dog from modelling balloons. Thank you for teaching us how to make a dog from a balloon. I am going to try to make one at home.

  14. Malo lelei Rm 7.This is Annamaria from Rm6 . I really liked your mitey dog balloons. I feel like I want to try to practise making my own mitey dog balloon. Was hard to tie the mitey balloon knot at the end?

  15. kamusta room 7 this is Georzen from Room 6

    I just viewed your movie and I think that the mitey balloon dog was really surprisingly interesting.
    The mitey reminded me of my mom and dad making me one when I was 5 years old.
    I know how to make a Balloon dog. Thank you Room 7 for the tutorial for the mitey
    balloon dog.

  16. Malo lelei room 7.This is Paula from room 6.

    Your movie about Making Mitey was amazing. I was impressed when you were twisting the balloon to create the shape of a dog. My favourite part was when you never gave up until you have mastered making Mitey.


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