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2023 Water Skills For Life with CLM Round The Bays/Swimmagic

St Patrick’s had a wonderful experience participating in 2 weeks of WSFL sessions. Angel has written about her experience below:


“We started our swimming lessons on the first of August and ended on the 14th of August. In our first lesson we had to change some subjects because we had swimming lessons. The time passed and the girls had to go to Room 8 to change. After we changed into our swimming clothes we ate our lunch and just played.


We just waited for the kids to come back for a few minutes and we were there. They made us line up and ask all of us who’s confident and a pro. I didn’t put my hand up because I wasn’t confident and a pro at swimming so I got sent to lane one. There were three lane lane one was for not confident people and lane two was for confident people then lastly lane 3 it’s for the people who are pro’s.


My first coach was Crissy or that’s what she wanted us to call her. She was really nice and patient to others who were struggling. We first learned to float and how to swim with board on without touching the ground.Every end of the lesson we would jump and at first I was really scared to jump. I got the hang of jumping every last session that I jump more than once.


The day before our last day we get to practice survival and we also get to be on a boat. All the lanes were removed so all the lanes can swim together. On our last day we had a normal session but I still enjoyed it. We got to jump so many times and have a race. I liked that their coaches are patient with the kids who are still learning. I enjoyed the lessons because it’s really fun and I actually learned a lot. “


Duffy Role Model Assembly with Nora Swann

This morning we were visited by Nora Swann who has come to speak with us about her journey through life and her work in the fashion industry as an entrepeneur. Room 7 students enjoyed hearing about her journey and advice she gave them.

Laura recounted the visit:

“Nora Swann is a fashion designer and also a stylist. When she was younger she was a shy person and anti-social.  She started her business when she won a fashion competition and was inspired to do more designing. Nora has traveled to lots of countries such as Korea, Japan, Samoa and New York for Fashion Shows. One time Nora went to Papatoetoe at night in the middle of the streets for a fashion show. Nora has a beautiful family and has two daughters and a husband.

Her design led her to win awards and was the world’s biggest model agency for the Pacific women. Nora Swan now comes to schools to teach people to be self-confident and to be body-positive. She spreads her story to inspire and encourage children to not be afraid to be themselves and to follow their dreams. For me, she is one of my big role models and she has inspired me to achieve and follow what I want best.”



2023 Interhouse Ki Orahi Tournament.

Yesterday we held our first Ki Orahi Tournament between our Houses. Angel has written her recount of the day’s events:

“Hi I’m Angel and I’m recounting the tournament of Ki O Rahi. Yesterday, the tournament began. There were four teams: totara, rimu, kauri, and rata. Our teacher said that we would be put in our colour houses. We did our karakia then we started to do our R.E, for R.E we had to make posters for our wall design.Then we changed into our P.E gears.


I didn’t get to finish it because I have to go to a program with some other students. The program finished, then we had our morning tea, then my teacher had planned an assembly to check if we were on the right team. It finished so I just played with my friend on the court and in the grass. Morning tea ended and the fun began. Some of the students got sent back to class including me.


In class we started to do a Kahoot quiz. Our teacher said if we finished the Kahoot quiz we could watch. It felt so long to finish it then finally I did it I finished it.I went outside to watch it was almost finished. The next round I was playing with rimu. I put my tag on and I keep catching the ball but I don’t know what to do but I still enjoyed.The round ends then I just watch them for the next round.


Lunch started as usual. I just hung out with My friends for the last round. I watched half of it then I went inside the classroom. We cleaned up then I heard that Kauri wins and Totara. My team is in the top 2 but I was actually happy for them. We went down the gate and that’s how the tournament ended.”


2023 E Pro 8 Experience

For our second year, St Patrick’s School have been participating in the E Pro 8 Challenge. Here is what Fe’ao has to say about this journey:

“On Monday the 8th of May we arrived at school and saw 6 big black boxes that was supposed to be a challenge.Epro 8 is a fun engineering and building challenge.When the bell rang for learning my teacher put us into our groups and gave us a booklet each.When everyone was organised in there groups my teacher introduced the year 6 what Epro8 is.


When we did some learning in our booklet we went to our tables and grabbed one of the black boxes and got started building.Our first build was a starting challange.We watched a video with our groups and got started building when we watched every step the video showed us.


My group and I started building.For our first build we built a box and learned how to use measurement. Eventually, we completed it but after our break time sadly we had to knock it down and get into our second building but first we had to learn and do some work in our booklets then got started building in our groups.


The work in our booklets were about measurement and a bit hard to build because we had to make it 700m long and 400m wide and it was very hard for my group because we had to do a lot of measuring.When we were done with our first building which was a tree hut  we were very proud of it because we managed to finish it before we go on to our last build.


Our last build was a dump truck,it was really hard for us because we had to make the tray flip but in the end we managed to get it done and take some photos at the end before we knocked it done and tidy up.After break time we had to tidy it up and finding the missing pieces and making sure all of them are in all the 6 black boxes.My favorite] part of Epro8 is we got to learn about measurement and doing engineering.”

Saint Patrick’s Day Celebrations

Today we celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day as a school with our community. Here is what Nicole had to say about her experience:


Last Friday Saint Patrick’s day. I was a bit nervous because we had to start the morning with a Mass and I had to do a prayer of the faithful but I knew I could do it. A few minutes later the first bell rang. The class lined up to go to mass.


Once we arrived at church we sat down and sang some songs. Finally it was time for the Prayers of The Faithful. Once it was my turn I stood on the stool and looked up and waited. A few seconds later it was time for me to read. I was done reading. On the inside I felt really proud of myself.


After Mass we went back to class and had morning tea. I was a bit tired during morning tea. Soon later the bell rang and the school gathered together around the canopy.


As soon as everyone was there Ms Bullot called us into our groups. I was excited to get to the games. The games were called Scatterball, Sack races, T.ball, Hoops and Gumboot Throw.


After we played all 5 games we ate Popsicles which were so good. Later we had a karakia, then after that we ate our own lunches.


During lunch I played with all of my friends. I had a great time.


When we went back to class we did some indoor activities on our Chromebooks. Sadly I was only able to do one activity.


Soon it was time to go home. It was a bit rainy but it was ok. I had such a fun time on Saint Patrick’s Day.


“EPro8 have given us the opportunity to explore Engineering this year. Here’s what Room 7 learned, created and shared during this experience. It was so interesting, fun and challenging. We recommend every school try this learning experience.”