Saint Patrick’s Day Celebrations

Today we celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day as a school with our community. Here is what Nicole had to say about her experience:


Last Friday Saint Patrick’s day. I was a bit nervous because we had to start the morning with a Mass and I had to do a prayer of the faithful but I knew I could do it. A few minutes later the first bell rang. The class lined up to go to mass.


Once we arrived at church we sat down and sang some songs. Finally it was time for the Prayers of The Faithful. Once it was my turn I stood on the stool and looked up and waited. A few seconds later it was time for me to read. I was done reading. On the inside I felt really proud of myself.


After Mass we went back to class and had morning tea. I was a bit tired during morning tea. Soon later the bell rang and the school gathered together around the canopy.


As soon as everyone was there Ms Bullot called us into our groups. I was excited to get to the games. The games were called Scatterball, Sack races, T.ball, Hoops and Gumboot Throw.


After we played all 5 games we ate Popsicles which were so good. Later we had a karakia, then after that we ate our own lunches.


During lunch I played with all of my friends. I had a great time.


When we went back to class we did some indoor activities on our Chromebooks. Sadly I was only able to do one activity.


Soon it was time to go home. It was a bit rainy but it was ok. I had such a fun time on Saint Patrick’s Day.

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