“EPro8 have given us the opportunity to explore Engineering this year. Here’s what Room 7 learned, created and shared during this experience. It was so interesting, fun and challenging. We recommend every school try this learning experience.”


11 thoughts on “EPRO8

  1. Kia ora Saint Patricks School
    I enjoyed your movie alot especially when you guys made a cool vehicle and you pushed it and raced. From your movie I learned about engineering and more. You guys did very good at building and thinking of new things like that cart. You guys can improve on making the movie longer. Was it hard making the carts?

    1. Hey Easton, thank you for your comment. Your question is answered. Yes, it was hard to attach the steel bars to the red and blue joiners because they kept coming off. Do not forget attaching the rubber bands to the wheel, when they kept breaking, hhhhh. Thank you for your question.

  2. Greetings Room 7 My name is Lennox i am a year 6 student at Pt england school. amazing work on your creations our school also did the Epro8 challenge.

  3. Good afternoon Room 7
    My favourite part was the ending because the peace out was really funny and it really made me laugh. I liked watching the part when all of you were having a race I thought someone would win but no one won since they cheated and I really love your movie.

  4. Ki ora I am Grace from St Patrick’s School. I loved the way you worked so independently just to build a construction. You taught me to be brave and be creative when it is locked down. To improve you could maybe use a piece of silk and let the wind blow it.

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