Duffy Role Model Assembly with Nora Swann

This morning we were visited by Nora Swann who has come to speak with us about her journey through life and her work in the fashion industry as an entrepeneur. Room 7 students enjoyed hearing about her journey and advice she gave them.

Laura recounted the visit:

“Nora Swann is a fashion designer and also a stylist. When she was younger she was a shy person and anti-social.  She started her business when she won a fashion competition and was inspired to do more designing. Nora has traveled to lots of countries such as Korea, Japan, Samoa and New York for Fashion Shows. One time Nora went to Papatoetoe at night in the middle of the streets for a fashion show. Nora has a beautiful family and has two daughters and a husband.

Her design led her to win awards and was the world’s biggest model agency for the Pacific women. Nora Swan now comes to schools to teach people to be self-confident and to be body-positive. She spreads her story to inspire and encourage children to not be afraid to be themselves and to follow their dreams. For me, she is one of my big role models and she has inspired me to achieve and follow what I want best.”



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