2023 E Pro 8 Experience

For our second year, St Patrick’s School have been participating in the E Pro 8 Challenge. Here is what Fe’ao has to say about this journey:

“On Monday the 8th of May we arrived at school and saw 6 big black boxes that was supposed to be a challenge.Epro 8 is a fun engineering and building challenge.When the bell rang for learning my teacher put us into our groups and gave us a booklet each.When everyone was organised in there groups my teacher introduced the year 6 what Epro8 is.


When we did some learning in our booklet we went to our tables and grabbed one of the black boxes and got started building.Our first build was a starting challange.We watched a video with our groups and got started building when we watched every step the video showed us.


My group and I started building.For our first build we built a box and learned how to use measurement. Eventually, we completed it but after our break time sadly we had to knock it down and get into our second building but first we had to learn and do some work in our booklets then got started building in our groups.


The work in our booklets were about measurement and a bit hard to build because we had to make it 700m long and 400m wide and it was very hard for my group because we had to do a lot of measuring.When we were done with our first building which was a tree hut  we were very proud of it because we managed to finish it before we go on to our last build.


Our last build was a dump truck,it was really hard for us because we had to make the tray flip but in the end we managed to get it done and take some photos at the end before we knocked it done and tidy up.After break time we had to tidy it up and finding the missing pieces and making sure all of them are in all the 6 black boxes.My favorite] part of Epro8 is we got to learn about measurement and doing engineering.”

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